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August 23, 2008


I have no doubt in my mind at least.Knowing my past bad luck with certain politicians;that I would be stopped before I even started going to the conventions.Definitely republican.But,maybe even the democratic national convention in Denver.I don't even know where the republicans are holding theirs.I could have all my wannabe HST delusionary dreams.Though,the meathook realities I know is politicians don't have a sense of humor.Look at recently Obama busting the late bernie Mac nuts about his comedy.You hired Bernie Mac what the fuck did you expect,America? Personally,I made a crack about the mayor of biloxi taking up 30 minutes to introduce the stand-up comedians,saying"hey mayor,you're not filler-busting a bill!You're MC ing a fucking comedy show!".Nobody told me that mayor was connected at the time.I'm glad ain't wearing cement shoes in the bottom of the gulf of mexico.Shit,one at time I almost had the late Dorothy mae Taylor throw a gavel at me in the new orleans City council when i was the fifth person to stand up and say something after she said only wanna hear from 3 people.Number four was a brown-nosing ass-kissers who knows power people and that pissed me off to the highest of pissiety.Fuck,I was there for 8 or 9 hours and I wasn't gonna let those other asshole public access shows producers shut me up.I didn't care the cops took me out.They never arrested me.They just leaded me out the city council hall.If anybody where the republican convention is at,let me know.It's too late for me to head to Denver where it might not as big as a snooze-fest as the republican convention be.Shit,I sure stick my ass in the front of TV screen and computer screen where I'm less dangerous at.