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September 30, 2008


When Barack Obama recently visited Jerusalem, he placed a written prayer in the cracks of the Western Wall, where it is said one has "God's ear," but the prayer was taken by a reporter and then published in a Israeli newspaper, an act that elicited much outrage.

What was it Obama wrote?

--*"Vote for me, God. Love Obama."

--*"Next stop, Tomb of Rachel."

--*"God, please take this publicity stunt as a tribute to you and your greatness."

--*"If you're reading this, you are a newspaper reporter who stole my prayer, and now God won't get it and the prayer won't come true, and now I won't be able to lead the American people with steadfast righteousness as I had implored God in my note, thanks a lot."

--*"A man can't even blow his shofar around here without there being a riot among peoples."

--*"Honk if you've got no country."

--*"Nobody in Israel supports me, God, so I realize that I'm pretty much just pissing in the wind here."

--*"I only hope that I am worthy to stand in front of this breathtaking symbol of history's ethnic and religious tolerance."

--*"Jesus saves."

--*"God, I can't think of a more fitting silence from you in a more fitting place to show that you absolutely don't give a shit about mankind."

From Eric Rasmussen's blog: