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Published April 02, 2011
The Duke's Boner Kills(No particular order)1. "This was my ex-boyfriend's favorite dildo"2. 40 mg of Lexipro3. Facial hair4. Theresa Daniels5. Cankles6. Patchouli oil7. Brunch8. "Stop looking at me cat"9. Shit on the tip10. Whiskey and Cocaine11. Back hair12. Visible Herpes13. Edward James Olmos' face14. Toilet paper in the ass15. Tramp stamps16. Black ex-boyfriends17. Dick Tattoos18. Having to shit during sex19. Delaware20. Looking like my ugly sister21. Dry pussy22. Appalachian folk music23. "I'm pregnant"24. "My friend is coming to town next week. You'll really like him."25. A dick in my mouth