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January 22, 2009


Is it just me or are the answers on Family Feud getting stranger and stranger? Who the Hell are these "100 people surveyed", exactly? In fact, I have yet to meet a person who has ever informed me that they are one of the mysterious hundred who get surveyed for the show. Wouldn't that be the greatest job to pick up chicks? "Hey Baby! You know that number 5 answer, the one nobody got because the question was "Besides hairstyling, what would you use a hair dryer for?", and I answered "Grilled cheese". Fucked all those bitches up." Seriously, if some guy told me his sole purpose in life was to be a studio audience member and to be a survey answer for the Family Feud...I'd probably do him. And, what's with the families? How come only one person ever gives decent answers? This is a fairly consistant fact about Family Feud whether you came on board with Richard Dawson, that comic who killed himself, that bearded guy from Home Improvement or dancing John OHurly...only one person gives good answers and not only does nobody listen to them, but if they do actually make it to Fast Money they pick the girl who answered "hairstyling" to the above question.