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July 17, 2010


Good Morning friends,

As many of you all know my page was out of commission for about two months after they said it unexplainably broke....hmmm. That couldn’t hold me down though, I have continued to contribute to the cap contests and be an active member of fOD society. It just sucked not being able to talk to you fine people and navigate the site with ease.

When my page mysteriously left you I had little contest I would run I called the NPIsc. Some of the pictures have been funny, and others have been okay, but your comments have always been hilarious. I have appreciated and still do anyone who stops by and checks out the contest.

I must say, thank God for the other members of our legion of caption lovers like WestSideSlant, Clay Junky, Rotwang, PaultheZombie, Jason2k1, Csymonz, JoeLeeThree, Jeffer, (forgive me for not listing everybody) or anyone else who gives us daily fODder to look at when the regular caption guy is busy not doing his/her job. Is it me or has the daily fOD contests morphed into some kind of schizophrenic monster? One week the pics might show up before noon, another week you might get only one a week. And let’s not forget how long it takes for the caption master to post results. For awhile there back in late June and early July, I thought BP was going to “cap” the oil leak sooner than the fOD people were going to post results on the “caps”. Sorry, that joke won’t happen again.     

Regardless, it is great to be back amongst such great and funny human beings. I love a lot of things in life and humor is one of my favorite things. I look forward to continuing to laugh and smile from your collective wit and I will continue to do the same for you all. Thanks for letting me call you all friends, you all ****ing rock!

By the way, I have a contest I need to restart and since fOD isn’t interested in posting anything this morning here is the latest NPIsc for your viewing pleasure. Tell all your friends to stop by and play…

Getting back in the NPIsc swing of things I want to visit one of my favorite sports: FOOTBALL. But more specifically, training camp starts in a week or so and that also includes NFL cheerleading tryouts.

I’ll get us started with this one….”today the NFL announced that Los Angeles will be getting a new team and their nickname will be the “COUGARS.”

Talk to you soon