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October 18, 2016

(Okay Maybe It Was Just Me)

Part 1

Under age and in college. Looking back, we spend the majority of college under the legal drinking age. That really didn’t fucking matter to us. We were drinking heavily since I moved to Florida, threw-out my arm, kissed sports goodbye, and said hello to the extremely attractive Thespians in our high school.

I’ll say it right now. Dancers are as hot as the come. Sexy AF. ( AF = As Fuck)

My best friend and I met not too long after I moved to Florida. His name was Dan, (sorry Dan, if you didn’t want me using your real name) as is mine, he made a weirdly hilarious face while we were booty dancing with two girls and clapping to Ludicrous saying “Take that, rewind it back. Ludacris got the flow to make ya booty go” (CLAP). It was homecoming. We were sophomores and virgins. It was funny to me. He clapped over his head, made a face towards me, standing like a daddy long-legs getting grinded on with a very probable boner. We’ve been best friends ever since.

We drank a fair amount in high school. Like from ages 15-18. So much so that one time our unusually large group of girl and guy friends, sat us down at Beef O’ Brady’s (yeah, it was the cool place to be) to basically do an intervention.

We didn’t realize it until halfway through. Our friend Chris (Sorry Chris, if you didn’t want me to use your real name.) made it clear by saying something like, “What the fuck is this, an intervention?” The group responded by saying nothing. Which as you know means… Yes.

There were four of us that this was directed to. We didn’t say anything, but we thought it was bit hypocritically since most of the times we got drunk it was with many people in that group. I guess we were the common denominator. Our response was, this is stupid, let’s go drink.

I think what set them over the edge was the time we thought it would be cool to take some shots before school. That’s another story.

The point I’m trying to make is I drank often. I got drunk more in high school than some people I know did in college. Some people studied SAT prep courses, which I tried and got distracted, but my friends and I practiced the art of drinking and partying. Which turned out to be a more useful skill than briefly memorizing some formulas and definitions. Being social, I mean. Although, I did do my homework.

Don’t let these stories fool you. I’m not a typical asshole, player, blah, blah, blah. Many people don’t even think I’m the least bit of an asshole. I don’t consider myself one, and I’m generally nice, funny, and an easy guy to talk to. I often had a serious girlfriend. Also known as the dark times. Just kidding.

I became an A-B student, after being introduced to sex, alcohol and Rock and Roll. I was the Treasure of the National Honors Society, a Leader in the Thespians Club, Student Govt., blah, blah, blah.

I did a lot of stuff to get into college. I’m just kidding. I loved that shit. I was even asked to be President of a few of them, or nominated, I guess. And I declined. Why? I don’t know. Didn’t want the responsibility. It would interrupt my I act like I don’t really care mentality. And I was honestly fucking terrified.

I won a lot of awards for acting. Not just from my troupe, but from the school itself, the district and state. I throw that potential college ride down the toilet at the end of my senior year, but that, is another story.

I didn’t talk much growing up. I spent a lot of time not speaking to anyone. In fact, my worst fear in school was getting called on in class. Surprisingly I had a lot of friends. But besides my guy friends who I hung out with on the weekends or after school, I think some my classmates didn’t even know what my voice sounded like from kindergarten to my freshman year of high school. So I became social after joining the thespians in high school. Best thing that ever happened to me.

That’s what my friend Dan and I were doing that night, being social. That’s what we were doing on the night I learned what blacking out was. Out of the many times my friends and I partied, drank, and drank, I never once didn’t actually remember what happened. Sometimes it was “fuzzy” but I would eventually remember. The story I’m about to tell you I still don’t remember parts of. I had to have my friend fill in the blanks.

So one time, my friend Dan and I went to a house warming party of this really hot girl to get a few drinks before going out to a bar. If you don’t know, that’s what many people do before going out, especially if they’re underage. Go to some place, or at your apartment, get a few drinks in you so you’re feeling good, and the waste case bar you go to isn’t insanely annoying.

That’s what we were doing, or so we thought.

To Be Continued…