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November 17, 2011

Motorcycle customizer Jesse James is now involved with a tattoo on Kat Von D's back.

image James (center) did Kat Von D (L) and now does her tat (R)

Despite the fact that his relationship with Tattoo artist Kat Von D ended in September, West Coast Choppers CEO and former TV personality Jesse James is reportedly dating one of his former fiancées tattoos.

The well-inked motorcycle customizer and former husband of actress Sandra Bullock has been seen in public, often in a very affectionate state, With Sofia Blitz, an image of a beautiful woman etched into Kat’s back near the right shoulder blade. Sofia and James, according to an inside source with James, have been involved for about six weeks, and that the relationship is “loving, romantic and often intimate.”

Naturally, there are some difficulties when dating a tattoo, especially one etched into the back of your former lover.

“It hasn’t been easy,” said that source. “Kat has not been too enthusiastic about the relationship for obvious reasons, but she’s also not attempting to interfere with James and Sofia, both of whom she still dearly loves.”

The phenomenon of celebrities being involved with tattooed images on the bodies of others has some precedent, according to a homeless man who lives near a bus station in downtown L.A.

“Chuck Heston used to bang a girl drawn on Cher’s ass back in the 70s,” said the methamphetamine addict with a pungent smell about him. “Axel Rose used to carry on with one of Drew Barrymore’s armpit tats. He’d wait ‘til Drew was asleep and then he's spooge all over that downy pit.”

The man added, “Could you front me a few bucks? I got the jones for some shock and awe, and it ain’t goin’ away.”