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November 11, 2008


Are you listening GM?  Ferrari is now marketing their new Ferrari California and they are aiming at women....who have two hundred grand to blow on a car!  Here in America we have thousands of women fitting that profile, right?  Forget bailing out any American car maker, I say.  Just build an impractical, over-priced maintenence diva of a car and sell it to the American woman!  And then wait for the inevitable screaming hissy fits about a car that runs just three weeks of every four.  There won't be any car makers left to bail out!  Problem solved.  Oh what fun we'll have when HER car is PMSing!  Men, just remember not to walk in open car accessable areas on those days.  Otherwise, we'll experience a mass MALE extinction event.  Don't forget, we're all on own out there.