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Published June 05, 2014 More Info ยป

Tish The Dish: The Second Cumming ( Tricia Jones ( Renne Humphrey ) is now a 40 year old single women who is down and out in life these days. With no job, no car, no BF, no friends and a drinking problem. So since everyone remembers her from her teen aged day as author of the best selling book Bore-gasm ( you remember her from Mall Rats as a teen ) she is going to try and cash in on that idea once again but this time as a 40 years women who needs the cash. An we get to see her work on her new book ( if you know what am sayin ) a book she will title “Boregy” and this time there are no limits on her sex life for this book. An talking orgy sex, sex with women, men and transvestites you name it bud ! But like i said no limits this time because it has to top her last book if she is going to become a best selling author once again because like i said she needs the cash money ! So these are her adventures in her journey in writing a new best selling book as an adult women this time around in this new Rated R comedy. An yes this could also could make for a very good t.v show called Boregy you dig big dogs you dig. But yeah you all am telling you now this would be a cult classic comedy hit for f in sure players and you know this man. )

Sidenote: Just so you know Renne Humphrey your not going to really having sex with anyone in the making of this movie. But Hell if you want to really have sex with someone am so down big sexy.


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