Some television shows are so god awful and so preposterous I mean it was only a matter of time when a TV show would reduce romance and marriage into what is virtually a slave auction—-I mean the show the Bachelorette.

The show is trending in the news today and have you seen the show, have you subjected yourself to it? Perhaps if you watch it you should go to a mirror and ask yourself, why am I watching this? Who cares if men finalists Bryan Abasolo, Eric Bigger and some guy named Peter Kraus compete for the affections of some wanna-be starlet named Rachel Lindsay.

First of all, you can’t be ugly and be on the show. The Bachelorette discriminates against people who are butt ugly and who make up a large share of us all. You also can’t be elderly or openly a pervert.

You have to be a slim earnest looking guy with a beard and usually a short stubble beard these guys apparently think it makes them appear to be rugged, manly.

None of these people on the show have to exhibit talent of any kind other than looking earnest Abasolo for example is a chiropractor.

Lindsay herself is not exactly what I would call an intellectual. In telling one of the male contestants why she could not commit to marriage based on the most shallow pretext possible—–exposure on a game show—-she told this guy——-get this—“It’s hard to say goodbye when I have such strong feelings for you (formed no doubt during a total two rehearsals and 45 minutes). “It’s just that I have stronger feelings for the other two guys here.”

Way to go Lindsay, turning the act of romantic love and a life commitment into an impulse similar to choosing a dog at the county animal shelter.

“It’s important to understand that I do love you, it’s just that I’m not in love,” Lindsay added,in a breathtakingly philosophical aside that could lead to a whole new school of moronic sayings for example, “Heaven is far,” or “My belly button is who I am,” or “We are, who we are.”

How profound!

Perhaps Lindsay should stick to more simple thoughts. I have a nose. I have an ear.

Finally Lindsay told the winner (if that’s the appropriate word), “I’m in love with you and I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.”

Oh yes you can Lindsay just give it two years when you get bored because there are no more game shows.

In fact this opens up possibilities for shallow, transitory but perhaps briefly exciting love and picking someone only by visual and the most superficial means. Get a MemoryTag Happy Valentine’s Day Card and send it to a woman you think is hot. Using your smartphone you can download an app and place a video message on the card. In the video promise her everything—-you might be a winner. Or even a Christmas Card, Thank You Card or Birthday Card.

You could even send her a Get Well Card if she isn’t sick,or a Congratulations Card for something she hasn’t done or a Thank You Card even though you don’t know her.

It doesn’t matter. On the card, all you have to do is like on the TV show, be seen and speak.

All you have to do is grow a beard and look eager.

Now, I really understand the premise behind this show. Let me get this straight. A group of contestants are assembled who don’t have the talent to be real actors but who look good. They are paraded before a young woman who selects one of them based on some of the flimsiest questioning about their supposed interests.

The show is called a “Reality Show” but that’s a scam because it’s really a cheap highly profitable show made with no writers or scripts per se so again no need for serious effort. You simply film people saying whatever pops into their head no matter how much drivel it is.

If I filmed myself belching and farting and got you to watch it is that reality? If it makes money for little production cost it is.

I think I understand the premise.

It makes sense to me. Assembling a random group of guys to compete with each other and try to get some woman hot in which courtship and shared values and experiences are totally eliminated—-in place of selecting a mate like you would a side of ham at a butcher shop.

Only in America could such a show take place. Think of the other possibilities. We could have a show in which a young lady chooses a religion based on competing pastors, priests and muezzins (Muslim holy men) representing different religions who attempt to convert the woman to their faith by promising the greatest salvation.

Or how about a tasteless idiot show in which a group of contestants attempt to lie their way into a job promotion at an office, the winner being the most convincing liar?

Whatever happened to The Three Stooges? They were better.