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May 21, 2010



The Reverberatory Furnaces are commonly found in industrial plants but there have been quite a number of home grown foundries that have used this furnace type with much success. The basic idea of a Reverbeatory Furnace is to use the heat reflecting off a surface, usually brick, to heat the metal, which is aluminum in most cases. This way, the metal does not come into contact with the fuel or the flame. This process is also used in Puddling Furnaces. The name Reverberatory and Puddling are often used interchangeably. By placing the metal in a shallow depression and then directing an intense flame over that depression and to the wall, the heat rebounds to melt the metal. Many casters will adjust the length of the flame since a longer path will mean that the heat will be more intense.


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The primary difference between a ground source
heat pump and a conventional boiler is that a conventional boiler is usually designed to heat the property between certain hours. It achieves this by outputting an enormous amount of heat over a short space in time. The property heats up, the boiler switches off and the house goes cold again.

A ground source heat pump works differently to this. The ground source heat pump does not like producing very hot water. A conventional boiler might output water to your radiators at a temperature in excess of 70 degrees C. A heat pump can achieve this but it would be inefficient in doing so.

Therefore the style of heating needs to be changed to accommodate lower temperature heat output.

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In general this means using underfloor heating (running at a low temperature, perhaps 38 degrees C) or radiators that are oversized so that they can run at a lower temperature than normal (perhaps 50-55 degrees C).

When the output temperature of the system is lowered it is vital that this heat is retained as the time taken to heat the whole building will increase.
The key to a good ground source heat pump installation is insulation. Great insulation will benefit any home, whatever the type of heat system. However, for a ground source
heating system to operate without a back up it is vital.  This will provide the property owner with a very efficient and cost effective heating system.
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