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August 10, 2010

The best exclamations from your favorite guidos and guidettes from the premiere of Jersey Shore Season 2.

The Situation

"Who does Triple A call, when Triple A get stuck?"

"I heard an irritating voice, I don't know who it was"

"Ronnie's at the club hooking up with grenades, okay, that is a bigger ugly chick, and also, land mines, which is a thin ugly chick, and, LOVING life."

"His name is Ronnie, but we can call him Sloppy Joe"

DJ Pauly D

"I can't stand this weatha, you can't get tan in this weatha, you can't creep in this weatha, you can't do anything"

"Miami is known for it's beaches, I think the beaches are topless, so..."

(After Situation talking to Pauly D about hooking up with Angelina) "Angelina who? I don't rememba it afta that."


"Fried. Pickles.  This puts pickles on a whole new level."

"Obviously this guy fucks his sister for a living."

"I feel like a frickin pilgrim from the 20's washing shit right now!"

"You don't deserve to be here Angelina, you're a fuckin white rat."


(Referring to Angelina) "I'm the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island...with what ass!? [Snooki and her laugh] pancake ass!"

"I'm not gonna let a girl be caddy and get away with it and live in my house without getting her ass beat"

"You should know about trashy baby you're from Staten Island"

"Ron's probably gettin' it IN right now"


"Just cause we're from Staten Island doesn't mean we're gonna get along. She lacks brains, so, we don't get along."

"Ronnie's OBLIVIATED at this point..."


"Gym, Tan, Smush, Huh? (To Ronnie)
    Ronnie: "Shut Up."
"Do you bro!"

"I would legit beat the living shit out of Angelina and Ron at the same time"

"That's when you know Ron's drunk, when he starts to dance"


"it's freezin' out here and we're gonna head to the warm weather in south beach BITCH"

(On going down to Miami) "Gonna have a good time, gonna get creepy, gonna get weird..."

"Smush captains on his way"


Of course she said nothing of importance or to be re-stated here.