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July 17, 2009


Two years,my friend who will remain nameless till she says it's cool to say her name; told me I should have written the screen play for Lords Of Chaos.Now,there's rumbling about on a big Hollywood fiasco with that pretty boy from Twilight playing Varg vikenes.He's the guy who was sent  to 16 years in prison for murder and church burning.You see,it's a light romantic comedy.It might work as an indie flick.All these Black metal fans and upset and throwing their satanic clown make-up all over the place.At least, with me as the writer and director there would had a dark sardonic comic tone to it. Maybe, I should writing that screen play for a G.G. Allin bio-flick.No,I'm not talking about the documentary,HATED. I say thing that Black metal Band Mayhem really lived and died up to their name.