This week’s links are the hottest in the biz.

10 Of Hollywood’s Best Actors Humiliate Themselves For SNL - Uproxx
It’s always funny, just sometimes for the wrong reasons.

A Comprehensive Collection of Comedians Tweeting About Their Flights - Splitsider
Did you hear the one about the comedian on an airplane?

The Lost Laughs Of Letterman: Dave And His Writers Share The Greatest Jokes He Never Told - Vulture
Personal Fave: “That thing on Aaron Neville’s forehead.”

An Oral History Of Michael Jordan’s Legendary Flu Game - Clickhole
Michael Jordan is the best at basketball and vomiting.

I’m More Sexually Attracted To The Old Hamburglar - Above Average
McDonald’s may have taken a huge step backwards in terms of sheer fuckability.

90s Celebs: Then, Now, And In Their Past Lives - Reductress
Ever wonder what Brandy’s been up to for the last few hundred years?

TBS Casts The 2016 Presidential Race Movie - Team Coco
David Spade 2016!