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September 27, 2012

Mention/review in Flagpole Magazine Sept 26th 2012

Jerks Things First: For tangential music scene, uh, fun, some of you will be edified to know that season one of The Jerkoff Bros is now available to stream at youtube.com/user/thejerkoffbros. This slow-moving train of knuckleheads was first mentioned in this column two-and-a-half years ago, so you're forgiven for not remembering. Hell, I didn't, either. This collection of comedy skits is the product of Mux Blank (Rat Babies), Kenneth Scott (Unplanned Pregnancies), Gris Grissom (Carnivale of Black Hearts) and North Georgia writer Rhett Huebschmann. The reasons for the delay in production are reported to be joblessness, girlfriend-less-ness (ergo, no money?), jail, probation and drugs. You know, some people would take these factors and create Guns N' Roses. These guys created The Jerkoff Bros. Season one features largely improvised skits featuring, to put it delicately, mostly bathroom humor. Season two, in the works now, is supposed to be more script-based. OK, look, take away Larry the Cable Guy's money, regular nutrition, audience, good luck and self-esteem and you might have an idea of how good this is. That said: Kudos, guys! Wishing you all the best.