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September 05, 2016

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Nuns

1. Mother Teresa’s Habit


Talk about a highly effective nun! Mother Teresa is one of the top nuns around and she did it all in this smart-looking sari with the triple blue stripes. Whether you’re tending to lepers, or having a night on the town, you can’t go wrong with this habit!

2. Jeanne Mance’s Habit


This habit may look plain, but there’s nothing plain about the lady under it, Jeanne Mance, a French nun who was among the founders of Montreal in 1642. She also established its first hospital, Hotel Dieu de Montreal in 1645. Now that’s the kind of habit I could get in to – one that says, “I work hard AND I pray hard!”

3. Maria Von Trapp’s Habit


More of a home-wrecker than a nun, Maria stole our hearts wearing this get-up in the film adaptation of her life, “The Sound Of Music.” Although she was forced to give up her habit after accidentally revealing through song that God was not “one of her favorite things,” she went on to defeat the nazis, and spin on a mountain.

4. Use the latest military techology when attempting to besiege the Balkans.


Oops! Obviously this was meant for the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Huns” list. It refers to Attila The Hun’s insistence on employing cutting edge artillery, such as battering rams and rolling siege towers, as his armies advanced along the Danube. I think we can all agree he made the right choice. Probably a good habit for nuns too!

5. Flying Nun’s Coronet


This habit has wings, making it ideal for the nuns who wish to fly. Of course this was worn by a fictional nun, as real nuns cannot fly…or so the Vatican would have us believe!

6. Early American Habit

This is the habit worn by the first American-born nun to be canonized, Elizabeth Ann Seton. This does not mean she was the first nun to be shot out of a canon, a distinction claimed by Sister Mary Margaret The Aerodynamic. Not to be outdone though, Seton established the first Catholic Girl’s School in the nation in – where else? – Emmitsburg, Maryland.

7. Devotion to God


If you want to be an effective nun, you better want to serve God! It’s one of the most important things they do, other than being shot out of canons. So if that’s your thing, go out there and get thee to a nunnery!!