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November 05, 2008


& i've been to hell&back i spill chit - trip - && embarass myself i cant just flutter my eyes & get that boy my life is messed up i've been through more chit than you see on tv nobodys perfect i've been lied to cheated on & had my heart stolen & broken i've fxcked up fxcked people up && been fxcked up but every hit was worth it because i felt i knew it was real life is real && im living it wrong everyday im fxcking up royally && doing everything opposite but do i regret one thing? NEVER because at one point what i did was what i wanted & i got my fxcking sarisfaction my life is mine && no stupid bxtches or immature boys can fxck it up for me anymore im the real deal & i'd love to see you try and fxcking break me now