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December 13, 2017

The team from the head of Keith Evans brings you important and pertinent information/advice regarding relationships.

7 Ways To Tell That Your Boyfriend Is The One, From A Manipulative Boyfriend’s Perspective

Women be trippin’, am I right ladies?

For that reason alone, they require clear guidance and instruction when it comes to knowing the tell-tale signs when they are in the perfect relationship.

Studies show that women have no idea what they want, and because of this lack of knowledge, I feel compelled to provide the entire gender with a logical map to happiness.

1. If he tells you what to wear when you go out, he’s a keeper. He only wants you to be comfortable in your own skin. What other way to feel that comfort than from gawks and stares? Just not too many. Knowing what constitutes a good eye-fuck is right up his alley. Don’t let the weather or your dislike for 6 inch heels dictate what your man should.

2. A boyfriend that treats you right should always give you space to be you, by yourself, in accordance to his schedule. I personally make sure I fit in 3 to 4 “Boys Nights” a week, just so bae can spend time at her parents’ house or at home, BY HERSELF. It’s a scientific fact that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

3. Lack of communication equals lack of fighting. You can’t be upset that you’re in a fight if you don’t waste time conversing about things that could possibly cause an argument.

4. If he insists on planning all of your activities, he’s a King you should consider keeping. Whether it’s choosing which restaurant to eat at, or organizing the perfect threesome, this is all done because he cares. He doesn’t want to burden you with having to make your own choices. Consider this a gift.

5. A man who doesn’t invade your privacy is a man you should marry. In return, you should, without question, show him the same respect. Sometimes, your friends may urge you check his phone, or social media accounts, because he’s acting “suspicious”. However, have you ever thought that maybe he is setting up a surprise for you? Like a threesome he has organized, for example.

6. Humor is the way to a woman’s heart, and if he’s anything like me, he’s HILARIOUS. Let him be. You may not understand all of his jokes, but I promise, no one knows humor better than a man.

7. Allow him to look at as many women as he likes. He is only doing this to keep your appearance top notch. There’s no other way to maintain your beauty than by judging other women. Everything he does is for you. This sacrifice alone is reason enough for you to believe that he is your soulmate.