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May 20, 2008


BINGO Player Steroid Use Intervention Week is in full swing.  Take part in this life changing process.  Do the right thing.  If  someone you know is using steroids, talk to them.  Tell them BINGO can be fun without the illegal supplements.  Tell them you love them, even if you don't.  Tell them to eat fiber daily, like cereal or a cereal box.  Remember, life is like a BINGO game; sometimes the Free Space doesn't do a thing for you, and no matter how hard you practice or how hard you play, if somebody yells "BINGO" before you they win.  Unless they are mistaken and miss-call the win or pull a prank which will lead to being penalized under BINGO Article "I-27---Identifying your BINGO card as a winner."  Thanks for your athletic support in this matter.