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April 15, 2015

A 1990s promotional video for the restaurant Sizzler shows all of the restaurants food features and ’90s styles.

A 1991 promotional video for the restaurant chain Sizzler surfaced on Reddit this week and within an hour of seeing it, the entire FOD office had pledged its devotion to our new God.

The video, which is nearly five minutes long and seems to be aimed at potential franchise owners, might as well have aired between Golden Girls and Empty Nest during NBC’s Saturday night comedy block, because it is, in fact, comedy perfection. Whenever you can combine ’90s hairstyles, hot and cold salad bars, and a song bold enough to declare that “Sizzler is the choice of America” then sign me up for a lifetime of that and tell me the easiest way to directly deposit 10% of my earnings into your account.

And while Sizzler may not actually be promising you eternal salvation here, the video definitely guarantees a lifetime’s supply of hot and cold LOLs, which is probably just as good.

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