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November 27, 2010

Jimmy McMillan and His Facial Hair Get Interviewed..

This afternoon I spoke with the face of the Rent Is Too Damn High party Jimmy McMillan. We discussed a bevy of topics, mostly his new album, the politics of the day, karate, the bible and is killer fashion sense.  Jimmy dropped a gang of science. Explains his platform and why he is the only man who can save America.  So move the fuck over Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, there is a new hombre in town.  Jimmy McMillan a modern day mix of Don King, Ross Perot, Bruce Lee, Hulk Hogan and George Washington.

SYFFAL: Thank you for taking the time out to speak with us. I understand that you have recorded a new album what’s the dillz with that?

Jimmy McMillan: The songs are about rent laws. I am Trying to reach the youth through the music, because they weren’t getting involved. So in 2004 I started working on this project to get their attention. I figure if you can’t reach them with a straight forward message you need to speak to them on their level.

SYFFAL: As a martial arts master, which martial arts style would you see fit for me to break my landlord off with?

Jimmy McMillan: Martial arts comes from discipline, use it as such. People need to learn to express this discipline and respect. It is not about fighting your landlord it is about having a conversation if you have a problem. Have discipline, if you see something is broken fix it. If you see something on the ground pick it up. It is discipline.

SYFFAL: Does you feel any concern over being the figurehead of a party whose name includes profanity?

Jimmy McMillan: Profanity is in the bible. Damn is in the bible, if it is a word of god it can’t be profanity. You need to go to church if you think that. You need to learn the bible before you question it. If it is profanity why did the court order us to put it back in. The Judge ordered it. It is about Constitutional rights. If you don’t know about god don’t ask about god. I’m not here to explain the bible to you and I’ll be damned if you try to derail this movement with petty grivances.

SYFFAL: Do you see the artificial inflation of real estate prices in the 90's and 2000's as a concerted effort to push working class people out of NYC.

Jimmy McMillan: It isn’t any of that. I masterminded economics. It isn’t to push people out. The market, elected officials, Frannie Mae, Freddy Mac, all of them is responsible for what has happened to the people of NY. I called a press conference to break it down and nobody came. I was ignored for two decades and now it was time for the people to hear it. The people didn’t vote for me because of some idiot notion that the same people would fix the problems they face. People are being illiterate to the political process. I am here to teach them. We are here to teach people how to make it better. Until I am invited to the white house to explain it to the president who doesn’t know what he is doing it will continue to get worse. There is something wrong with this country and it is ignorant Americans. The youth are in trouble, because their parents are only making it worse. Don’t listen to your parents they ruined it all.

I am working on a late night TV show. We will address these issues and show you how to fix them.

SYFFAL: Is there anyone else able to fix the problems we face?

Jimmy McMillan: I am the only one. I am writing a book titled “Is It Just Me?” Nobody is talking about it, just me. I wish the president was. He put the wheels in motion, but forgot to tighten the nuts and use the oil. It is up to me to save him. I am going to run against him in 2012. We have the support. I am writing him a letter, I will give him one chance to answer, he can’t create one job. I have the ability to do it. Either he listens and comes to NY or I go to DC. I will show him all he needs to know in 30 seconds.

SYFFAL: The crafting of your facial hair is as mind boggling as it is inspiring. As a fellow facial hair connoisseur, I spend hours a week crafting the perfect cut along my jaw line. Until recently I was completely opposed to cheek hair, and I've been experimenting with the full beard for almost a month now. Seeing what you've done with the mustache-into-sideburns and the chin puff is definitely something I can appreciate. What do you suggest for a 31 year old white male in my facial hair, to be as original as someone such as you and your facial hair?

Jimmy McMillan: The facial hair is part of my process. As a martial arts expert you learn to use what you have for what you need. I didn’t have the money so I had to use something. I went into the books to find what hasn’t been done. I grew it out. Cleaned it up and created the identity. I used all of this; the glove, the suit, on stage to create an image. It is what I wore to my mother’s funeral and I wore it all toe to head, and I asked my mom, she said son go get’em.

This was all planned to get your attention. And it worked. After using verbal judo I had everyone on stage agreeing with me. This was not an accident.