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April 28, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #46

Introducing: Alfred HItchcock presents Music to be Murdered by

9. Don't Dial M, Dial S.

8. he tries to come across as "cheeky", but it just winds up "jowly"

7. Specifically, the crap the guy in the next apartment has been playing incessantly.

6. I prefer Music to Dispose a Dismembered Body by

5. All of the instruments have silencers.

46.5. If you play this record backwards it nags you about menial household chores and your general impotence and lack of virility; you know, to set the mood...
46. Turns out Ke$ha simply bought the rights to this original and did a note-for-note remake for her debut album. That explains why her music makes me want to KILL MYSELF!

3. This was his final release.
( Well, actually, his bowels went first. )

2. "Stop the presses! The copy is all mixed up! This record is "Music to Commit Suicide To!" I want to see whoever typeset this in my office in five minutes! And bring me a damn record player!"

1. It comes with sheet music, one toaster and a conductor.