The internet has been abuzz about what’s going on with Dennis Quaid after the actor was filmed freaking out on a film set, calling a supposedly disruptive guy “Dopey the Dick” and ranting for half a minute before finishing with the (very good) closer “Blow me” and leaving.

Video of the rant got uploaded to YouTube last Friday and went viral after getting shared on Reddit and picked up by TMZ, eventually getting covered by news outlets and internet users everywhere. Watch below in case you missed it:

Well, are you ready for this? That rant was a Funny Or Die prank! Here is the full video where we show you what was actually happening behind the scenes:

A man in a dickhead costume! Actual horse shit! Them pussies were kittie-cats! Did we fool you? These outlets were fooled:

The story seemed so real, it made TMZ go “… YIKES”

New York Daily News reported “SEE IT: Dennis Quaid goes on foul-mouthed rant on film set in new leaked video.” They seemed convinced.

Complex covered the story, too. Too bad it was a goof!

NewsBreaker seemed convinced, tweeting an article along with, “He seems nice…” with the “He” in that sentence referring to Dennis Quaid, but it seemed like they meant it sarcastically. In reality, they could have meant it not sarcastically, because Quaid was really just joking around. He actually DOES seem nice!

Slate acknowledged that the whole thing might have been staged, but ranked it against infamous real on-set rants by Christian Bale and David O. Russell, just in case. They played it safe.

Instagram account Republicanlies5 wrote, “Woah. Woah. It’s rare to see someone’s true colors like this, a must watch video. Could possibly end Dennis Quad’s career. #viral #dennisquaid” Sorry, Republicanlies5, you done got prank’d!

One of the major issues people had with the video was, what movie was it from anyways? Which is a fair question, and had an answer.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.55.39 AM.png


The video had Hollywood Reporter asking: Real or hoax? The answer to that questions is that no it was not real, and yes it was a hoax.

A lot of people suggested Jimmy Kimmel was behind the prank due to his history of pranking. The host addressed the claims on Tuesday night and seemed a little offended: “You play like 50 pranks and all of a sudden people don’t trust you anymore.”

Once Kimmel denied involvement, it seemed like Quaid’s freak out might be real again. It wasn’t! It was a prank.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.55.47 PM.png


Men’s Health twisted the story into a post about the benefits of releasing your anger. They capitalized off of this news story, hoax or not, and took it to a totally new place, so it’s unclear whether or not they would consider themselves pranked. You’d probably have to ask!

In one of the top YouTube comments on the video, user SGTBizarro made a good argument for why this wasn’t a prank. Man, he got pranked, maybe worst of all.

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