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November 14, 2013

I recently moved home, back with my parents, and maybe....its not that great.

So after being evicted from a huge house party I threw at college ; side note I got no bitches; I had to move home with momma n dadda. At first it was sweet, three meals a day, laundry service, no rent. Dope right?.... maybe. First to "coolify" the whole situation I began to refer to my parents not as mom and dad but as roomate and or landlord depnding on the situation. Slip on ice? Boom sue the landlord. What are you doing? Chilling with the roomates.... any way.. One day it was 11:15pm and I became hungry. I realized my roomate (mom) was asleep. Fuck who was gonna cook and feed me now? Thats when I realized maybe I'm not the grown up man I thought I was. I gave up on the idea, left, and bought myself McDonalds. Looks like I'm digressing.