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March 16, 2013


There dictatorships in Brazil but in an online game called (desert operations) that besides being administrators (dictators like Mr. Kappelhoff flavio.caro-and Sr takytto) that are the adms this damn game in Brazil, which besides also be a gamble worse than the numbers game, where reigns the corruptions of (smaller invest real money play and no return) they respond to various processes in justice to block the accounts of players after this have enough investment to the member create a new account, so besides debloquearem the accounts of users if by justice, they still sponsor some groups or alliances as it is called groups, so that these groups attack the rival group and thus forcing the group to another (buy diamonds that is money in the game) which packages are purchased through the phone or pay-pal and credit card etc, and buying these (diamonds with your real money) you never win the battles because they sponsor you for some groups need to invest more and more in the game and so they earn money from it, is a real dictatorship besides you invest, and that will never return and will have even 1% of their investment besides you only spend and invest much if you want to be top in the game, this game has reached the point that a certain User even sold a bike to get him being top for 1 year in the game, the question is how can a game whose administrators are the first to sell even edited account Absurd prices by taking advantage of the innocence of members who want to make an investment grow so high they never will be rewarded for this and it does not bend before the dictatorship of them will be blocked permanently? when they block an account for any reason you do not have the right to defense and the facts are not established works well or you accept what they want and then after making your investment lost everything, they set the rules and you simply accept them, and if you have contrary opinion can not manifest,,,, wake BRAZIL this time to the public prosecutor and the police enter federal action to ban these games instead of foreigners who have neither CNPJ and with his schemes work in our country, I want to see a Brazilian have the freedom to have something in another country and not be persecuted! estrageiros here as in the paint and embroider these games looki in Brazil is a joke, is not for nothing that the dictatorship reigns in this game because he is German and is adminitrados by these two citizens I quoted above, they intimidate the (victims players ) with attacks sponsored by them in the limbs and in alliances (groups) who do not accept dictatorship and so your investment grow begins to decline and lose your time and money invested, FEDERAL POLICE WARNING investigate these desert operations, we ban elements of our parents who take advantage of faith and good will of our people, just want to see till when will unpunished, that the citizen (Flavio) resides in ahaus in germany whose photo and proof that this ai print (http://prntscr .com/wi1ro) just copy and paste, with this protest'm sure any offers will be taken and these profiteers of good faith of Brazilians will be excluded from our parents with these games of chance where even the smallest of investments to make with putting credits cell phones and credit cards of parents in this game that would be fun to be a more simple which unfortunately became a millionaire investment return and paying taxes in this country, if not pay here one day pay the justice of God for the people explore the fe Brazilian