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June 26, 2018

In a recent tweet storm, the actress addressed claims that she doesn't have knees. "I'm not a snake. Or any of those other animals that haven't got knees." It was later revealed she was referring to penguins, sparking new claims that she might have little flippers for feet. Twitter user @ballspiercedbadly pointed out, "Even lego men have knees wtf".


In 2015, Cheryl was a guest speaker at the Hilton’s Annual Knee Having Convention, where she stood behind a conveniently placed podium and spoke for over three hours on how she definitely has knees.


Despite this rare public display of knees, former manager and ex-husband Dion Dublin took to twitter and insisted that the well defined kneecaps were in fact tattoos, souvenirs from a recent trip to Thailand where she also got bitten by a monkey.


At the advice of top doctors what are surgeons, Celina has been using a camel based knee recovery mask which she then rubs on her face to hide her lips. The singer songsinger was recently seen attempting to walk about on her hands so her elbows would look like knees.


Seen here leaving Disney World, Chicago with this rather suspicious knee concealing hairstyle, many believe this to be the result of years of skateboarding whilst kneeling down. Skateboard enthusiast Tony Hawk has publicly slammed Cherry for her misuse of boards, insisting that she should “…just move into an igloo and do a tobogganing.”