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June 23, 2010


CNN has just reported that the U.S. Coast Guard rescued 10 people Wednesday afternoon who were travelling on a boat from Cuba carrying a cargo of Toilet Paper. The boat is believed to be registered to Musician/Comedian Bill Zucker, and capsized 20 miles southeast of Key West after weather became very rough.

Coast Guard spokesman Ira Egoze told CNN that Mr. Zucker was returning from a succesful business trip after he had acquired a 45% stake in Cuba's main Toilet Paper manufacturing facility. He also chose to bring back a large quantity which had all now been lost at sea. Mr Zucker and his crew were recovering after being airlifted by Helicopter to dry land.

CNN has also learned that Cuban Authorities are extremely angry that such a large quantity of toilet paper had been taken by Mr Zucker out of the Country, that had consequently washed up as thousands of wet rolls onto their beaches.

Neither Bill Zucker nor The White House were prepared to comment.

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