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Published November 17, 2012

Pork Scratchings

I can never understand how someone could eat through a whole packet of Pork Scratchings ?

Has anyone from my generation ever enjoyed this ?

Who ever thought of producing such a fowl taste on the nation of Britain ?



Now I love Marmite, it's a love or you either hate thing.

Some people despise Marmite, I see people go into a shudder when I mention the stuff.


Parmesan Cheese

Now this is something I can't stand even more than Pork Scratchings, Pork Scratchings will be handed to me on the way to hell but Parmesan Cheese will surely be there for my arrival.

How did anyone think up this fowl smelling cheese, smells a bit like vomit.

Pot Noodle

Well that's my rant over, I think I will just go off and grab myself a Pot Noodle !