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Published: September 04, 2009
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Times are tough, and I've got some world traveling to do. Hope I don't run into this person.

Amy4Birds writes the following 4 you:

There were several fabulous cheetah haikus in the September 1 haiku contest. I almost didn’t write one myself because I was a little intimidated. Fortunately, I can immediately eliminate my entry -- not because of the obvious conflict of interest, but because it sucked. I hate judging because I liked a few that I haven’t “propped” here. But do we have room? No. Am I a pussy? Yes! (That’s in keeping with the theme. Get it?) Anyway, here goes …


While in Africa
Important to remember
Do not shit naked!

BRONZE to Eyeguyron for:

Cheetah got my pants
Damn there go my credit cards
This safari sucks

SILVER to Gerhardguffaw for:

He was in last place
But now that he is sans pants
We have a weiner!

A tie for GOLD between Willieboy and … Willieboy for:

He wants his pants back
Cause his balls are still in them
Ooohh, cat tongue is rough!


There’s one fast cheetah
Seven and one half zebras
And one naked ass.
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