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December 02, 2011


Five snippets from the rest of Bachmann’s speech
Michele Bachmann told an Iowa audience that she would close the U.S. embassy in Iran – an embassy that hasn’t existed since we severed diplomatic ties in 1980.  That was the most reasonable part of her speech, in which she also stated:
“Illegal immigration from New Mexico is bankrupting Colorado!  We need to shut down our embassy in Santa Fe and build a moat around Florida – come on people, we can do this!”
“Obama’s socialist trade policies have allowed Canada to glut the winter market with their surplus snow!  It completely undercuts the economy of the great state of Green Bay.”
“The Founders didn’t abolish slavery to see the United States fight a civil war with Brazil!”
“Have you seen the world according to GARP (Guatemalans as Real Patriots)?  Guatemala has only been a state for 50 years, so they didn’t fight in the Patriot War to free Rotterdam.  The liberal media doesn’t want you to know this.”
“The first thing I’ll do as President is appoint Jesus as the ambassador to The People’s Islamic Republic of London.”