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August 14, 2017

Did they really think we'd believe this?

God damn it, Chevy.

Chevrolet has been driving people insane over the past year with its commercials that claim to have ‘Real People, Not Actors’ giving unrealistically glowing reviews of its cars and awards. But its latest commercial is a complete sham.

That’s because one of these “real people” is clearly acclaimed actor Mark Ruffalo.

Seriously, Chevy? Did you really expect us not to notice this?

In the ad, Ruffalo—wearing a name tag reading “Geoff"—and two seemingly anonymous women first react enthusiastically to the moderator’s listing off of all the awards Chevy vehicles have apparently received recently.


“So many awards!” exclaimed Ruffalo in faux disbelief as he gazed up at a screen displaying the awards.

“I can’t believe Chevy has won J.D. Power and Associates’ Best Initial Quality for three straight years. Wow!”

Ruffalo was then encouraged to step into a Chevrolet vehicle with all the labeling stripped.

“Geoff, what kind of car would you guess this is?” asked the smug moderator.

“Hmm… I don’t know… I’d probably say Lexus? Or no, I bet it’s an Audi, right? Yeah, definitely Audi.” Ruffalo responded.

Jesus Christ. Are there no laws against this? Chevy is seriously just allowed to claim the people in its ads aren’t actors when one of them plays the Hulk in The Avengers franchise?

This is getting ridiculous.

Come on, Chevy, the jig is up. Just admit what you’re doing and find a different commercial idea already.