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November 12, 2009


Wow, what a day.  Got up around 6:30, big yawn, scratch, walk to the shower.  Brushed my teeth first (Colgate total), fresh.  Peeled off my gitch and hopped in the shower.  Tired, had an old man sit down shower.  No dancing in the shower today, simple boring shower. 
Got my boy Nicholas up. I had to give him his new asthma medicine (poor little guy, just found out that Daddy has yet again passed down more bad problems) First Nick does 10 breaths using the infant asthma chamber, then Cookie Monster did 10 breaths.  Then Nick does 10 more, and Cookie Monster 10 more. Done, Great job Buddy...Daddy is proud.  
Down stairs for breakfast. "Nicholas, what would you like to eat?"  He looks at me and yells "NOTHING". Very weird, and bold. He normally eats toast, yogurt, and a fruit of his choice. Hmmmmm......

So I give him some time, he goes and sits on the couch and I turn on a show for him.  Dora the Explorer (please dont laugh, he is a tough little dude) He really likes the "Map".  I make him an Ego waffle. He loves them...blueberry flavor. Nick gobbles up the waffle and has a pretty sour look on face.  I thought he may be choking. I run over to him. "Are you ok?" I yelled.  Nick replies " BLARF!!!!!" I was then wearing his blueberry ego mixed with toothpasty water and yellow tummy slime. 

I call his Doctor. Apt at 1pm.  Soon after he was running a low grade fever.  Then it spiked high, you could have fried an egg on his back. I gave him 2 spoons of that Children's Fever Killer medicine.  An hour later he was back in action. Fever gone, and full of piss and vinegar again.

Off to the Doctor.  We got there a bit early, so we had a seat.  My boy Nick is a total little goof ball (don't know where he got that from) so he is hamming it up in the office.  The office is packed.  All eyes are on Nick.  I had to keep asking him to use his indoor voice.  After a few minutes, a lady and her sick child come out into the lobby.  AND then it happened.... I have never blushed in my life.  I rarely get embarrassed.  Nick looks at the lady and says (keep in mind that Nick is only 3) 

"Hello, my name is Nicholas.  You are a lady so you don't have a winker like I do"

Thats my Boy!

Thanks for stopping by. Wish you all could have been there to see it live, it was classic.