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August 19, 2010

Frustrated old guy rants and rages about his summer of discontent, knowing well that no one will read his latest BLOG.

Grumpy’s Nobody Will Ever Read Blog System Test Shout Out

Given that the FOD site is under construction I have been holding off on my “Best Ride in Vegas Blog”. I have no way of knowing that anyone will ever know about it. You see, I can’t message “all” fans, and the Newsfeed is kaput. This feels a lot like purgatory; somewhere between Heaven and Hell.

But, that’s life, isn’t it.

So here’s a short list describing Grumpy’s summer frustrations. Comment if you feel so inclined.


I’m GOBSMACKED when FOD decides to do a drastic revamp of the site using the “watching paint dry” approach to system’ reconstruction. It has been 19 days and counting and very few of the site’s great features have been restored. I’ve looked at many people’s main page and it looks like they too are in limbo. Hey, Will, when the cats away the mice will play – with themselves, so it seems!!!!

Maybe I’m “Old School” but I don’t understand why this takes so long.

EXAMPLE: My sons and I play together in the CBS Baseball Fantasy Pool. They did a revamp last Friday – new look, some new features, all previous features restored –OVER FREAKING NIGHT. I know FOD is not CBS but, come on, 19 freakin’ days.

This is not FUNNY FOD. I’m “dying” for my favourite features to get back to normal.

Ever since the Bieber April Fool’s Spoof, FOD has been on a downhill slide.

Even “Jeffer” has all but disappeared into the forests around Ottawa. I think he’s now working for Animal Planet.

I really think Halliburton is behind all of this, don’t you?


My favourite radio station, THE FAN 590 in Toronto, fired most of their on-air personalities in June. Then they replaced these personalities with non-personalities, jumping the SHARK and leaving me, the listener, in sports radio limbo. My God, I listened to the FAN nearly all day long –while I cooked, while I worked out, while I wrote, while I wasted away in Margaretville, and while I drove.

Needless to say, their ratings soon went in the toilet.

They`ve introduced some new people in the last week, one of whom is a shock jock, talk-radio, gonzo in-your-face, non sports kind of guy.


The morning guy is now a Rock Station jock who I listened to 20 years ago. Not even remotely interesting!



Look, I watch the Toronto Blue Jays games, just about every night on my satellite, using the SPORTSNET station. For about a week they were advertising their new SPORTSNET ONE channel.  Of the last 40 Blue Jay’s games -24 were to be viewed there. Contact your local provider, they said.


Mission Control we have a problem? My provider, SHAW, doesn’t have this channel; in fact, the only people who can get those games have to have ROGER’S CABLE and live in the GD city.

I’m rural, that’s why I have a satellite. Ain’t no cable out here, Buckwheat!

How can they do this? Rogers owns the FN team. Now they want to alienate their best fans, charge them for these games, as we move down the stretch. And, there was no warning – this came out of the blue –just like FOD and the FAN.

OK, that’s my rant.

So let’s put the FUNNY back in FOD, let’s put the meaning of FAN back into 590 sports radio and, to the Maroons at Rogers Sports Net- give me back my Blue Jays.

Seeing as no one will read this Blog, I’ll leave you with this to ponder.

Is it just me, or does the entire world view me as a person who constantly bends over?