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May 25, 2009


I recently learned producer Dick Wolf has duplicated his incredibly long running crime and punishment show Law and Order for English television in the form of the brilliantly titled Law and Order: UK. As a fan of the American version of the show, I relish the idea of yet another Law and Order series full of riveting stories ripped from today's headlines. What follows is what I am pretty sure every episode will be like:

Barrister Bumbletwine is faced with the most difficult case of his career when his dearest friend from Cambridge, Sir Chauncy Smudgedollop,  is accused of strangling Mrs. Scuttlebottom in the drawing room with the lace doily. Detective Fuffkin and Detective Squirrel Nutkin investigate the possibility the murderer was actually Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick or even the esteemed Professor Plum in the lavatory with the rope, but all signs point to Sir Smudedollop. Who ever is the guilty party? Will it be friendship or the rule of law that sways Barrister Bumbletwine's heart? Are there any crumpets left? Where ever is that clotted cream and jam? Bubble and squeak and God save the Queen!

I cannot wait to watch reruns on TNT UK.