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March 30, 2012

Man draws amazingly accurate picture of Christina Hendricks' breasts.

Steven Jins has always been known as a incredible artist but even he had some explaining to do after drawing an incredibly accurate picture of Christina Hendricks’ breasts. This comes just days after Jins spent over two hours telling his friends that anyone who would hack a person’s phone or look at material made available through hacking is someone he wouldn’t want to be friends with.

“It’s deplorable. The worst type of person, that’s who would do such a thing,” Jins said according to reliable sources.

“There is no doubt that Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks are hot but that’s no excuse for breaking into the privacy of their phones.”

However just days later, Jins was discussing how he “couldn’t believe” how raunchy Olivia Munn acted at times, and how hot Hendricks’ looked, “even without makeup.”

“I thought it was just like when Steven said he didn’t watch porn but knew all the popular porn films shot-for-shot,” Jins girlfriend Emily Rodriguez said.

“It’s just because every guy knows it, it’s just hardwired in their DNA, but then I asked his best friend Joe, and Joe didn’t know anything about Olivia Munn or Christina Hendricks, so I have to say I’m a little suspicious.”

So how did Jins draw such an accurate picture of Hendricks breasts?

“Like I told Emily, I’m a man, it’s just in my DNA, just let it go,” Jins said before taking his laptop into his room and locking the door.