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January 30, 2009


A very special thanks to guest judge glasspearl. She writes:

I loved everyone’s entries! The made me laugh and try to make some sense out of this photo…I am prolly gonna need therapy to get over his one - haha!

Bronze: lizardladyfla
For painting a very disturbing yet hilarious mental picture

I like street vendors
with big pretzels and mustard
But this tastes funny


Silver: jessicaligula
For suggesting limitations!

The human body
With all it's limitations
Could use just one more.


Gold: jimbobalouie
For giving my downward dog something to aspire to…

The roll over sit
And leg lock sneaker ear plug
Yoga master pose
Congratulations Jimbo. You can either judge or handpick someone you'd like to do the job for you.
As you all gather to celebrate this weekend, remember to drink responsibly or you'll end up looking like this guy: