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December 08, 2014

Panthers and Saints Have Best FootBRAWL of Season


Footballers footbrawlin’

Ironically, for all the built-in violence, injuries, and physical BEEF that takes place in any given NFL game, the actual honest-to-goodness fights are infrequent and subdued very quickly. In fact, of the four major sports, football fights are always the lamest. The ranking goes:

That said, the Saints and Panthers got into an actual fight that lasted longer than a few seconds yesterday. There were players falling down, being pushed into the concrete tunnel that leads to the locker rooms, punches, ejections, and it was all in response to a touchdown dance, which is as football as it gets. So, if the insane violence of a typical football game isn’t enough for you bloodthirsty savages (it never is…), follow this NFL-sanctioned link to a clip of those same big men pushing and shoving each other while refs blow whistles.