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December 17, 2009


I have been missing my FOD Fam .... This is more of a diary entry as opposed to a humorous post. I am not here to to wallow in my woes... Long story short though.. Tuesday , December 2nd... I was called into a board room and very politely told my whole division  at work was being consumed by or brittish concerns.. so I either take a severance or apply for a position across the atlantic :(  I love the world across the pond BUT... my family is here... my boyfirend is in school and trying to figure out the Brit Collegiate system is like trying to carry a futon.... and I like the sun ..

So here I am... officially laid off ... 

I unfortunatly do not do "unemployed" well.... But I refuse to take just anything.. I have worked too hard and too long to slide back down the hill.... and that is where my funny little story will begin...

A week and half ago, feeling sorry for myself  I headed into the city , over to meatpacking to visit my new hairstylist for a bang trim... While there I stike up a convo with everyone in the place... including the owner...  Now - I respect peoples anominity- so lets just say that  this man is  #1 is the fashion world... pawner of T3 and Kerastase.. and the Queen of Pops personal go-to.. he also happens to be Cuban- and for those who do not know.. cuban feel a strong sense of connection with one and other.

So we all begin talking about what I did for a living and then - very bluntly I was cut off. "No NO NO - thats why you got laid off , It is alllll wrong" MY hairsylist- the most insightful man I may have ever met said essentially that I go through the motions... I am the quintacential P.R girl- but I was trapped in a hum drum world of Law and Real estate  ...

My Bangs get cut- my ends touched up and feeling sorry for me - my boy does not charge  :)

So channeling all my energy I really start thinking " What am I going to do???" Survival mode says get your resume up and take the first middle management position (  HEY, I am only 28!!!) that comes your way... until today

My stylist calls- him and the owner ask myself and my bf to hang out one night...this week.... turns out they have been talking to some people about me- and have set up a little meet and greet... they said.. do not freak out when I meet them though... 

I am freaked out... BUT this uncertainty is like hit of extacy ( with a toot of K)!!!!! I feel alive- 

I have realized that LIFE HAPPENS!!!!!! If it is not happening naturally it is not meant to be. I was chasing the business world. I was hustling.. I was round peg in a square hole.   I have a  friend who tried to be actors for 15 yrs and got nowhere... starving artist... guess what- he sucked and just did not realize it- he wasted his life chasing a dream that was not meant to be.

  I am HAPPY I got laid off! I feel back to my old self- wandering around the city... dropping in on friends I have made over  the yrs... rebuilding all my old , interesting bridges....We will see where I end up  but I just applied for sewing classes at parsons... (in case you did not know- my two passions House music and fashion)  @ 28 I have the business sense to take the fashion sense I had and turn it into something :

SO moral of the story- Economy SUCKS- and our quaker mentality  is to panic!!!! FUCK IT..
drink a glass a vino- smoke a jay.... sit back and enjoy the ride...