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Published October 02, 2012
NBA star Kris Humphries made love to Kanye West in the driveway of the rapper's Beverly Hills home on Tuesday. According to a neighbor who witnessed the scene, the former Kardashian husband waited at the driveway gate with a mix tape and portable stereo. When West's Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren pulled in, Humphries ran to the car screaming, "I'm taking back what's mine, Kim!" West's personal assistant, Kim Kardashian, told police, "It happened so fast and then Kanye said, 'My heart's always been yours.'" Apparently the basketball player and rap star slowly began kissing and helped each other remove articles of clothing to the song "Iris," which played on the stereo. After Kim called police, both men were arrested for public indecency and criminal mischief. At LA County jail police report the couple passed notes and giggled in their adjacent holding cells. Read more funny news: Kanye and Kim in 20 Years! Kanye West's Ego & Kim K's Butt to Star in New Fox Reality Show: 'World's Biggest Asshole' Ten Celebrities on Bath Salts: Before & After Ten Cats That Look Like Celebrities Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed, Sister Khloe Immediately Tries to Eat Her