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May 31, 2010


I have a missing cat, her name is mittens and she answers to her name. She is about 11 years old, She has big spots on her tummy and ears. She is always licking her ass and shitting behind the couch. If you find her return her or you will be sorry. She is a special needs cat, not everyone can do the things in advance that she needs. You have to put her outside every morning or she will shit behind the couch. You have to catch her because she doesn't like to go outside, you do this by giving her tuna or canned food. Inpite of her beuty she is quite retarded. Mittens will steal all of your sox if she can and hide them because she thinks they are kittens. 
This cat will propell you into a demension of insanity that you are incapable of ever understanding. If you leave the door open she will come home. This is a public service message for your own good, I can handle Mittens- you can not. All my animals are trained to understand her retardation and we have a loving and comfortable inviroment for her needs. She will destroy your house without the guidence of these other animals. i emplore you if you have found my cat, she apears innocent and kind, but she is quite skitzoid with some sociopathical behavior traits. She may kill you in your sleep. She's a pyro maniac and likes to sharpen her claws on old paintings. Mittens is a Persian.