Los Angeles, California (HAHAJK) – It’s a horrific sight.

Driving around different neighborhoods in your car, it’s hard not to begin sobbing uncontrollably at the image of a Christmas Tree lying in a city street left for dead the week after the New Year’s holiday.

Police say this tree is just one of many victims of people-on-tree violence following the weeks after the Christmas holiday

Early Sunday morning, a Christmas tree that once stood proudly and decorated in a living room close to the window, was found dead, face down in a gutter outside a Los Angeles home. Police say they currently have a few leads on the crime.

According to authorities, the week after New Year’s Day there is a spike in person-on-Christmas tree crimes with numbers so staggering that it is almost hard to comprehend. Thousand of attacks involve the same scenario: robbing the tree of all it’s possessions, stripping it down naked, and dragging them into the street to die.

“Currently we don’t have enough police on the streets to stop this violent display from happening,” says LAPD spokesperson Sgt. Gloria Martinez. “We can only arrest people for dumping the trees in the streets. But we can’t arrest what we don’t see. As someone who has lost a beloved tree I can tell you that we take this very seriously.”

Experts say that with the sale of artificial trees, violence against living trees has decreased, but admit that owning a fake tree is not the same.

“It would be like replacing your children with a robot that looked like a real child, but with out the personality and the real child smell,” says Christmas tree rights advocate Peter Spruce. “Fake trees are the faceless robots of Christmas trees.”

Despite the on-going crime, Spruce and others say they will continue to fight for the rights of Christmas Trees everywhere.

“What if we started throwing our grandparents out in the streets when we thought they were dying or no longer useful? Our streets would be littered with them. There has to be a better way. When I figure it out I will let you know. I wish I could save them all.”

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