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June 06, 2013

After playing an annual NFL game in London since 2007, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hopes to move the entire league across the pond and play every NFL game in Lodon.

At a conference held on Tuesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that he plans on relocating the National Football League to London, England. “After successfully playing one game a year in London since 2007, the next logical step seems to permanently move all of our 32 franchises across the Atlantic and play every single game there,” Goodell declared. When asked how the relocation to London would benefit the league, Goodell responded by expressing how excited he was to see shows in the West End. "Taking in theatre in Shakespeare's hometown. I simply can't wait!" Goodell exclaimed. The potential move has been met with objection from Londoners, including local man Isaac Davies who ranted, “What’s a yard? We’re on a metric system! I have no idea what a yard is!” He continued, “They are attempting to spread American football to us like its democracy and we’re an unstable country in the Middle East. We don’t get it and we don't want it!” Goodell went on to say that he is looking forward to riding the London Eye, visiting the Queen, and going to the Masame Tussauds Wax Museum. “They just look so real, ya know?” Goodell professed.