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Published May 20, 2011

Gnomeo & Juliet animated movie; instruction and side effects for using a lawnmower “Terrafirminator”, these are shown for only few seconds and are almost impossible to notice:

- Terrafirminator will not inhibit grass from growing

- Not recommended for residential use

- Not recommended for commercial use either

- Do not use vehicle while sleeping

- Do not stick your fingers in tiller blades - duh

- Not recommended for children under 3

- Or 4

- For external use only

- After use, lawn may appear completely destroyed

- do not be alarmed - this is perfectly normal

Side effects of using Terrafirminator may include:

- Dry mouth

- Heightened levels of testosterone

- Nausea

- Loss of hearing

- Blurred vision

- Ssslured speech

- Voices telling you to burn things

- Loss of bowel control

- Persistent feeling of awesomeness

- Tight hamstrings

- Megalomania

- In rare instances some people may explode when viewing Terrafirminator