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October 30, 2008


So many questions!! How? Why? Who? How..again??? Maybe I ask too many questions, but I would think that if someone wrote me a long winded tale which essentially instructed me to pay them $5000 in order to get "my share" of $50000000, and this was someone I'd never met in my life...I'd have a few questions they'd need to answer first. Questions like "how come they can wrap their minds around these complicated and highly implausible details and yet they can't spell simple words like "write"?" They have access to millions upon millons of dollars which they miraculously have chosen ME! out of all the people in the world to get a slice of, which seems really generous from a complete stranger, from a foreign land, who can't spell. Let me get my cheque book. Riiiight. Because there are so many Nigerian millionaires out there that are begging to give it all away for a simple fee. Huh?
Who falls for this horse shit? They say that they prey on the elderly, but shouldn't the elderly, having lived such long lives, be aware that no one has ever given them something for nothing in their lives. Hell! Don't old people watch enough Judge Judy to know that "if something doesn't make sense, it's usually not true". I'm sure Matlock must have mentioned it. I wrote back to my would be benefactor with this response. "I do not require the millions you wish to "gift" me as I am the sole heir to the fortune of the woman who invented "Spell Check". SUCKER!!!