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January 27, 2009


 "Bye, I'm just going to pick up D.L.,ok hollering to my husband on my way out the door on my way to the vets. office today. Much to my suprise when I returned home later in the day with the little bundle of fluff,tame not feral I couldn't help but notice how clean and pretty the house was.Why I could scarcely believe my eyes my husband had actually picked the last camelias from our property and made quite a show with a lovely center piece he made for the dining table.There was a hasty note also which read "darn, have to go to work,but there's some primo Chinese take out in the fridge." Since I think cats are people I turned to the confused being in the pet taxi and said "all this for you,just yesterday you smelled like curry combined with garbage and Friskies! The moral of the story,if like a new country song I occasionally hear on the radio you(she wants to make a pet out of every stray she sees") bring home a new pet name it after a famous person,preferably alive and you may get your husband or significant other to clean up the house pdq.!