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September 01, 2010

It's late, I'm tired, here's my opinion.

Music videos these days are just plain ridiculous. Fake boobs + fancy cars =  Ca-Ching$
I mean please, be original for once. 

You know that creepy feeling? That one that you get when you're extremely uncomfortable? Like when a strange man says he wants to take you back to his place because he likes the way you clean... or when another creepy dude keeps pushing you and asking you a question to which you are dumbfounded. Fuck.

I'm trying to write a song, at least I'm doing something. Better than being on the compu....

Anyways, I gotta to downtown and show the school my loan, so I can GO to school. Why does everything cost money? Money is weird... money money money.

It's that -sit-outside-in-the-rain-playing-guitar-kind-of-feeling.