Combined with the revival in popularity of the cast iron radiator and the advent of TV programs introducing the public to adventurous design ideas for the home, cast iron radiators have shown themselves to be versatile and a well suited choice for both the contemporary and period setting.

For the contemporary home the elegant and simple lines of the Victoriana column radiator and the plain old hospital style radiator have complimented well. The ornate larger cast iron radiators are not suited for the contemporary setting as they tend to take up too much space and overpower the more minimalistic setting of the contemporary home. The recent revival of wooden flooring, ornate colourful wall papers and adventurous choices in paint colour have all contributed to the cast iron radiator looking well within the contemporary home.  Reputable dealers of the traditional cast iron radiator offer a wide range of quality custom painted finishes and a hand polishing service. There is a wide range of finishes available that compliment well with any contemporary home setting making the cast iron radiator a real feature within the décor scheme of a room.

For the period home the cast iron radiator is the natural choice. Within this setting both the elegant simplicity of the Victoriana and old hospital radiator will suit as well as the larger more ornate styles. Depending upon the age and size of the period home there are certain choices of cast iron radiator that suit well. The older smaller cottage will benefit from the slimmer plainer styles to save space and ensure the smaller character room spaces are not overpowered. However the larger period property will benefit from all styles of cast iron radiator depending upon individual taste. The large lofty ceiling spaces of the larger period
 properties will require the larger style of radiator to maximise heat output and there is a wide choice on the market today of plain or ornate large style cast iron radiators.

Again reputable dealers will offer a wide choice of paint effects and hand polishing to compliment well the period home. Antiqued paint effects, giving the cast iron radiator a distressed antique look, works well within the period home as well as the highlighting effect which highlights all of the beautiful detail of the larger ornate radiators. Cherubs, scrolling, flowers and intertwining vine leaves suddenly come alive with either the antiqued paint effect or the highlighting effect transforming the cast iron radiator into a real piece of functional art for any period property.

Today there is a huge choice of cast iron radiator styles for both the contemporary and the period home and it is always best to talk it over with a reputable dealer before you purchase as they will advise you regarding suitable styles available and the size and weight of these radiators for your wall space.

Choosing a cast iron radiator and then its finish is an adventurous journey and an enjoyable one as you are creating an individual look for your home that is completely customised to suit your particular home design scheme whether that be modern or historic in origin.