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Published: September 03, 2010
Description: Get your own truck from now on!
A young country girl name Sally Lou needed to borrow her daddy's truck for a Ho Down that night with her boyfriend, so she goes into his bedroom and asks:
"Daddy, can i borrow the truck fer tanight?"
"We'll sweetie..ifs ya wanna borrow my truck, you gotta show yer daddy some appreciation and slap those teen-age lips on daddy's baby maker"!
"DADDY, YER KIDDIN RIGHT?!! That's just plain disgustin"!!!
"NO.....YOU want the truck er not"??
Sure enough, Sally unzips her daddy's pants and pulls out his wad. As soon as she
went down near it, she noticed a terrible smell of ASS!
"DADDY...Yer dick smells like SHIT"!!!
Dad replies: "OH HELL HONEY!!...I'm sorry...I promised the truck to yer brother alret"!