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October 04, 2011

My unpopular opinions on music

Hello again or if your a new reader.Where the fuck have you been for the past two years and hello.

First of all its late I know this I am that bad I constantly miss my own deadlines but I don't care.

This month I have been writing both tunes and stand up which is not finished ( I really should write a blog on procrastination). But there are three songs currently plus a rap for a sketch character I wrote years ago and did nothing with and on top of all that composing for somebody who will hopefully like it that much they will use it in their next film-ish thing instalment.

The only things that involved me being out the house were that i went to the fringe fest for one day that involved being out my bed for half 6 to get to a bbc comedy workshop at 10 am, doing two three minute sets in the bbc baby bubble(of which i am told they will send me a dvd of but it was pretty bad as it was pre watershed material and i just don't feel comfy without saying fuck at least twice),Getting hammered with rob,Jamie,Sandy and Toria, Going to see and meeting Norman Lovett(Holly from Red Dwarf),Nearly getting thrown off a bus before we got on it by a pedantic south african bus driver, Walking down the half the dual carriage way from Edinburgh City centre to the airport and getting home at 4:50 am the next morning but that big long story is for another time.

But to the moan and I thought since the recent blogs have been quite tame I have decided to a list of my unpopular opinions so lets start with music.


All oasis and hence beady eye and whatever noels calling himself now sounds like the same old piss wither they use a capo or not.

Lady Ga Ga is talented! Yea I said it and there videos on the net to prove it sadly she never uses her talents . I will agree the digital pile of shit puts on cd and calls music is more painfully emotionally and physically than your perfect woman coming up to you and saying " I will sleep with you but you have to let Andrey the giant fist your arse first.

Jedward are the best thing to come out of any reality tv programme in the past 10 years a bit for entertainment value but mainly because if they keep touring I have a larger chance of head butting them one day.

The Beatles are arguably NOT the best band in the world with all the brilliance we had through the decades there is as much chance of me getting sucked off by three Martian women as the beetles have at being the best band in the world its just everybody knows them.

The Living End are fucking awesome !!!!!!!!!!

Jumpstyle cannot be considered a music or a dance its just people who have taken to many pills dancing to one repetitive drum, A modern day take on native american dance you see in films.

I like Lilly Allen's music. Yes, its childish and un-intilectual but have you heard my songs ?

The mercury Music prize is music snobbery 

Beyonce is not attractive one bit.Sorry just don't get it 

Bob Dylan is the most monotonis boring bastard that has ever made music in the history of this earth and deserves to die a slow painful death.

The sex pistols are crap and always has been.Dont get me wrong I am grateful what they did for music and punk movement but there just plain shit.If you want a good punk band whats wrong with the clash or basically every other band of the era.

I think thats enough the now since this is 22 days late but hey vie got another one already and im off until Tuesday so there is no reason why it shouldn't be up next friday the 30th and its about my holiday to Mallorca so tune in i quite chuffed with it and they'll be more padding once i put it on the Mac so until next week enjoy your life