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August 27, 2017

There was just too much hype around this event to not at the very least TRY to see it.

Last night, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather came out of retirement to take on UFC fighter Conor McGregor in the much-anticipated fight for the WBC Money Belt, or so I read, I don’t really follow boxing that much. Still, there was just too much hype around this event to not at the very least TRY to see it. After a long night, here’s everything you need to know about the big fight from someone who refused to pay the $30 bar cover.

1. $30 is way too much money for a sport you don’t really watch that much.

I’m not a big boxing fan, but I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts about this Mayweather-McGregor fight and wanted to check it out. When I got to the bar, there was a line out the door and someone said there was a $30 cover. You can’t possibly expect me to pay that kind of money for a sport I BARELY watch.

2. It’s not a “free beer” if you have to pay a $30 cover for it.

One big flaw in the “1 Free Beer” promotion is that YOU HAVE TO PAY A $30 COVER TO GET IT. And it’s a Heineken! A $30 bottle of Heineken! No thanks.

3. There should be a reduced cover charge for people trying to watch the fight through tinted bar windows.

While the thought of a $30 bar cover is crazy, I at least understand where the bar is coming from. The pay-per-view prices aren’t cheap, and the $30 cover is much less than you’d pay to stream it from home. That said, never in my life have I been asked to pay a full cover charge to press my face up to a tinted bar window and try to make out what’s happening on screen. At the very least, it should cost half as much when you’re forced to squint your eyes to decipher which silhouetted boxer is which.

4. I should be allowed in for free if I promise not to look at the screen.

This one seems like a given. If I look the bouncer in the eye and say “I swear on my future children, and their future children, I will just sit in the back with my head down and not once look up at the screen, not once,” there is ZERO reason why I should still have to fork over the $30 cover.

5. Asking people for updates when they come out to smoke a cigarette is not “harassing the customers.”

Apparently some bars have a loose threshold for what they consider “customer harassment.” When a paying customer goes outside to have a cigarette, they should be the one to decide if the passerby asking them for a few quick updates on the match is making them uncomfortable.On that note, it’s up to the customer if they want to let the passerby take their place inside while they’re out having a cigarette.

6. The WiFi at the Applebees across the street from the bar is not ideal for livestream.

If I get three orders of the Chicken Wonton Tacos, I am entitled to the staff WiFi password.